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Interview Question :: IT : Career advice needed please

Hello All,
I am 36 yrs old, Msc in Comp Science from UK, graduated in aug 2005.Have work exp in UK for a local based marketing company in IT sector for 4 yrs.The nature of the work being database designing in Access/SQL/Oracle, international client liasion like Volvo, Incitroen etc-- that is, taking their requirements and specifications,SQL programming, preparing protocol and getting approval from them,in-house IT co-ordinating with all the depts, timely corporate web-site maintenance, data back-up and server maintenance/administration.
My previous 6+ yrs of software experience is related to C and unix, but was working as a Senior faculty & Centre Co-ordinator.
Due to some personal reasons, i came to india and looking for a job. Could you suggest in which sector of indian IT company does my resume fit? my friends say its Business Analyst.
Could you please advice on this? Also, from october 2006 till now i am doing .net course, any suggestions how to cover this gap?
by ksk