Teaching Interview Questions and Answers 


Teaching Interview Questions and Answers

What are your areas of strength in the curriculum?

How do you keep up to date on your subject?

Tell me about the materials you use in the classroom to support your teaching.

How do you communicate with a parent about a student's performance?

How do you give your students recognition and positive reinforcement?

How do you establish rapport with your class?

Tell me about a student who was not progressing satisfactorily in your class, what steps did you take to rectify this?

Describe your classroom management style.

Describe your discipline philosophy.

Tell me about a challenging discipline problem you had. How did you manage it?

How have you handled a situation where a student is consistently late to your class?

Are you able to commit to a 2 year contract?

Is this the first time you travel abroad? Which countries did you visit before?

Are you familiar with alternative / informal assessments? Please give me an example.

How do you deal with discipline issues in your classroom?

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