Sql Server 2005 Interview Questions and Answers 


Sql Server 2005 Interview Questions and Answers
I need to install SQL Server on our server to install MS Dynamics CRM 4.0. We are running Small Business Server 2003 and I need to know if SQL Server 2005 will be ok to install on it?
Oracle 9i - 9.2 Enterprise (Developer edition)
Oracle 10g -10.2 Enterprise (developer edition)
SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition
I already installed the 9i and SQL Server 2005, with the appropriate services stopped (set to manual). I am planning to install 10g on the same machine and set the appropriate services to manual. Can I have them all in one machine?
How to create a database in SQL server 2005 and connect it with a XML web service. How to do. Plzzzzzz Help me.
I know PHP can be of some use in SQL Server 2005.I want to know how can one use PHP in conjuction with SQL Server 2005.
Does SQL Server 2005 have a neat interface similar to Oracle's 10g XE? If so how do I access it, where can I find it? Is Visual Studio Database Projects it?
I know I have SQL Server 2005 installed because it came with Visual Studio 2005 Professional.
Database file size is 50MB.

I tried to shrinkdatabase and it's log file but no success.

I vad a solution In sql server 2000, I detached the database and remove the log file and when i tried to attach it again sql server 2000 made a new log filewith 1MB size.

but sql server 2005 doesn't allow this way.

help please
The SQl Server 2005 is in the office. From y home how do I connect using the sql server 2005 manager studio? No IP is asked except the server name. I don't see how this is possible?
I already know SQL using MySQL. Now, I am planning to learn Microsoft SQL Server 2005 which has more demand. Can you recommend a good book or website?. By the way, do you know how to get Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for free?
I have just installed Microsoft SQL Server 2005. When I start the Server Management Studio, it displays a "Connect to Server" dialog box. I have tried my best to connect to the serevr, but i dont know which server the programming is asking to connect to. I am assuming it's a local server that is set up on my machine since the setup required me to install Windows IIS, but i have no idea how to connect to it.

I tried using all the options available at the "Connect to Server" dialog, but i am still unable to connect to a server. What should I do? I am frustrated and i need to use this software pronto, since i have assignments and deadlines to complete for my Enterprise Computing course.
Professionally how long does it take to become an entry level sql server 2005 developer? Any .Net language combination that you guys might suggest? I am not talking about about DBA as I know that it takes years to achieve this particular goals. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
From My perl program I want to retrieve data from SQL server 2005, do i need to install any plugins for this?
I have developed a database in SQL Server 2005, and connectivity is via Access 2003. We have over 100 users and need to determine how many users are using the database each day, is this possible?
How to upload video files to sql server 2005 using vb? Can any one help me?
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