Sql Server 2005 Interview Questions and Answers 


Sql Server 2005 Interview Questions and Answers
I like working in SQL Server 2005, and my programming logic are not so strong for C or C++. What profile in IT suits me and als o i want to know about MIS profile,its requirements and growth in jobs. How it all about . Please guide me?
I am 46 and some friends encouraged me to learn on how to become a Windows System Administrator. I am preparing myself for 1 test SQL Server 2005 certification. Also I was told to learn Msql on linux. Will all that be enough to get a job as System Administrator? I have been around Pcs for 10 years but never did anything professional with them. I am giving myself 1 year. Where should I go? Is it realistic at my age to start that? Please give a honest answer. Thx guys.
I have made an project.M going to deploye it.Simply -I copied all folder and files of my project in C:\\Initpub\webroot.
It working ,but those files are giving exception which having GridView(Means when I am attempting to use GridView's page)--"Error in login 'User-name'".
M using SQL Server 2005,C#,and
Plz send me steps that how I can upload/Deploye my project.
i have like 5 and they are taking up ALOT of disk space.
They end with different updates like suck
-j2se runtime enviroment 5.0 update 5
-j2se runtime enviroment 5.0 update 6 8 and 9 and so on.
will effect my computers performance of better it?
Should i just keep the most recent one?
Same thing with java.
-java(tm)6 update 5-6-7.
Can i remove the older "updates" without it effecting
my computer?

What microsoft SQL server 2005?
so I'm wondering if i could get a job as a web developer when i finish my studies
,because i find C sharp C++ SQL Server 2005 JAVA a little bit dull and boring for me .
. I'm quite good at HTML XHTML CSS and have basic skills at PHP I'm also good at Hardware but I've never wanted to become a sis admin or an It Technician
we do web production and management and event driven programing as well
so will that help me to get a job as a web designer/developer ?
I developed a website that its work is like Google ads. It gives some code to the users, and they put that code in their own sites to show ads.
It is developed using ASP 3.0 and SQL SERVER 2005 (as database)

The problem is:
When we upload the site and begin working it is fine, but after two weeks the host administrator block the website. They told me that the site is using very process in the server's CPU.
I made some changes in the code and tried to optimize it. Also I used stored procedures instead of SELECT command in my code.
I know the page that shows the ads is making the problem, but I don’t know how to fix it.
That page hourly visits is very much.
Please if you or your friends and … knows what is my problem and how can I fix it, tell me.
I need to do it unless I would ….
Thanks for your quick reply
Hi I am having Visual Basic 2005 and SQL Server 2005?,Please send me steps for Database connection?
I am preparing myself to pass 1 test certification for SQl Server 2005. I always want to pass a MCP Server 2003. After that I am expecting to apply for a System Administration job. I am practicing with a lab at home. I have a few years of PC experience. Do you guys think that I have time to learn some linux? Will it look good during my interviews? I don't want to become a linux administrator, just a System Administrator(Windows) or DBA later. Thanks.
I didn't do too well at school and have since flunked out of college too. I was thinking of getting a Microsoft certification so I can get an entry level IT job, in support maybe, and work my way up the ladder. I'm not sure, however, which certification I should go for (if any.) An MCDST looks suitable for my needs but there are all these "new generation" MCTS ones available now. I'm seeing considerably less jobs asking for MCTSs though, especially at entry level (I've seen none of those.) I've also noticed that they are a lot more specialised ,and think it would be hard to choose a route as I don't know which will offer me the best prospects and which wouldn't offer me any. I am interested in the following; SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003 (Configuration and Management), or Vista and Office (Deploying and Maintaining). I would consider any, or even non MS routes but I'd definately like to start a career in IT as it is one of my passions. Thanks.

why do i get an error (login failed for user sa\guest) im using sql server 2005 an 2005... how can i fix this problem? the application is in the other pc which is a laptop and the database in the desktop,,, the error in detail is talking about the JIT(just in time) but i dont really understand it..kindly help me...

please tell all the steps creating a student information system or information system of dormitory of our university using VB.NET and SQL Server 2005 . i installed it on my PC already...please help i accept IM
when i install microsoft sql server 2005 an error happens due to wmi configuration what can i do please help
Hi all,
I am looking for a job in Data warehousing/BI field. I want to know are there very less job in this field in USA?? I searched sm jobsearch sites (dice, indeed) for "data warehouse", "Java", ".Net" jobs and the no of jobs available were actually in this order DW<.Net<java.I have experience in working with Sql server 2005 database and have been learning SSAS, SSIS, SSRS myself. will i be able to find enough jobs in sql server datawarehouse? can somebody plz tell me sm gud sites for searching DW/BI jobs in USA? Also is it true that people of 2-3 yrs of experience are not considered for DW jobs and atleast showing 5-6 yrs of exp would be able to fetch me interview calls?? is there any good DW training institute (inexpensive) in NYC/jersey city area?Please help me!! TIA
I am an MS SQL Server Database Administrator. I just recvd my MCTS: SQL Server 2005 certification and now it is time to get serious about programming for mostly marketability sake and personal satisfaction. I see alot of demand for C# skills but I'm kind of apprehensive about putting my energy into another MS language as I am familiar with VB.NET already. My heart says C++ because of its standing in the Software Engineering community and JAVA is not an option as I have bad memories of a horrible JAVA teacher. Question, is C++ flexible enough to be useful in todays .NET world and is it in demand enough or highly regarded enough for me to put forth the effort it would take to be proficient? Please, thoughtful replies are welcome.

It might take some time for you.. but please help me.. I just want to know how to make the relation and the database tables. (in sql server 2005, but just the main relations and tables would be awesome).

The database has the next aspects :
- it is a library (bookcase) where persons can loan (rent) books.
- the persons are described by name, address, personal cod number, phone number (just 1 phone number)
- the books are described by title, author(s) list, year of release, publishing house name, domain (math, literature..)
- every book has one or more samples (there can be more copies of the same book); some of the samples can be loaned , and others not. each sample has a code
- there is also staff in the library, everyone is described by name, employment date, and a badge code.
- a person can make a loan for a book (which can be rented, because some of them can't if they're only for the lecture room) for a pre-established time.
- a person can have a maximum number of rented books and not given back; when this maximum number is reached that person can't rent anymore any other book until he brings back at least one
- a person can have at a time moment at most on sample of rented and (in the same time) not given back book
- the samples can be lost and then they are marked as being lost in the database
- some of the samples are only for the lecture room (where people read in the library) so they can't be borrowed.
- also we have to know which member of the staff registered the rent or the giving back of a book.

Ok.. i know is much.. but i really need help.. please... please... All what i need are the tables i have to create and the relation between them. (and also the main keys..) . A database created in sql express 2005 would be awesome, but if you can help me by just drawing some tables anywhere ... would be great..
Please help me.. please.. My e-mail address is
Thank you so much in advance.
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