Sql Server 2005 Interview Questions and Answers 


Sql Server 2005 Interview Questions and Answers
I have a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, its running the entire company functions, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, MS SQL 2005, IIS 6...etc
I am already publishing some test websites to be available in the domain, i was able to do it, now thorughout the domain, everybody can type in their browser: websiteName.domainName.local and access the sites...
I wanna add a new separate 2003 server to use it only for testing my websites, i want it to be visible in the domain as before, and i also wanna be able to use shorter names such as http://sitename
without mentioning the domain name...
I know my case includes many parts so forgive me on that...and thanks in advance for any answers
I have done Diploma in mechanical and I am working from past 8.6 years in software field as Developer my current position as Sr. Software engineer in Kuwait. I want to go back to India. I have a good experience in VB.Net, C# and SQL Server 2000/2005 ,Ad-hook Reports , writing SP and Fine-tuning the Database, I Worked in .Net from past 5Years and in SQL server from past 8years, I have done MCSD in .Net also. So can i get a good job in India in a big MNC, I tried the jobs websites and I did not any positive reply from any. so guys please help me out.
I am in search of a cheap windows hosting with mailing list facility. I have to host a site developed in & SQL Server 2000/2005, I can pay only $24/year
6 years experience with .NET (1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5)
4 years c#
4 years
6 years MS Access
1 year SQL Server Express 2005
Basic XML skills
Basic C++ skills
Excellent writing skills

All the computer skills self-taught (I was a teacher and am now changing careers).
I have written two programs, one that uses MS Access as a backend and another which uses SQL Server Express 2005.

Would I find work as a programmer, or a technical writer?
This is Muhammad Tariq from Lahore Pakistan.
I am web programmer (Cold Fusion, Java-Script, Asp,Sql Server 2000-2005) two year work experience..
can any one tell me about the name of newspaper and website of Saudi Arabia for IT Jobs.
I wanna keen to work at this country..

Plz help me...

Allah Hafiz

Truly Regards,

Muhammad Tariq
I uninstalled and reinstalled SqlServer 2005, Visual Studio .Net 2005, and SqlExpress because I thought it might help with another problem I was having.

Now when I try add a new db in a VS project, I get this message: "Connections to SQL Server files (*.mdf) require SQL Server Express 2005 to function properly. Please verify the installation of the component or download from the URL:..."

I checked "Services" , both MSSQLSERVER and MSSQLEXPRESS are running.

I can go through SQL Server Management Studio and connect to both through Windows Authentication.

I checked Add/Remove, SqlExpress is not listed there.

What do I need to do to make the connection through Visual Studio?
Can someone help me with this in I am trying to insert Data from textBox into a table in SQL 2005.
I have tried something like this, but it won't reconize SQL connection? How can I also repost the data after ONButton Click on the same page to the datagrid?

OnButton Click

Dim sqlStmt As String
Dim conString As String
Dim cn As Sqlconnection (Won't reconize SQL connection)
Dim cmd As SqlCommand (Won't reconize SQL command)
sqlStmt = "insert into Table1 (FName) Values (@Fname) "
conString = "Server and connection here is correct;"
cn = New SqlConnection(conString)
cmd = New SqlCommand(sqlStmt, cn)
cmd.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@FName", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 11))
cmd.Parameters("@FName").Value = TxtBoxNewRN.Text
End Try
I am developing a client/server .NET application that uses a SQL Server Express 2005 back-end. Currently our company does not have a server running IIS free for testing purposes.

I heard there was software, provided by Micosoft, that allows you to run IIS on a Windows XP workstation. If you have heard of this, could you please provide me information or a link regarding this.

Thank you in advance...
data warehousing, sql server 2000, 2005
Whenever I try to connect to the PUBS.MDF database, a login failed error message will appear.

I defined the connection string in the web.config file under the connectionstrings section like this:


add name="Pubs" connectionString="Data Source = localhost\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=Pubs;Integrated Security=SSPI"


And setup the connection in the click event of a button:

Dim connectionString As String = WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionString...

Dim myConnection As New SqlConnection(connectionString)



And I put the PUBS.MDF file in the same folder as the vb source files.

How do I connect to the database correctly?

I am using VStudio 2005 and SQL Server Express 2005.
Obviously, there are a lot of considerations that go into choosing a database, but thought I might get some tips from you guys.

I'm building a fun data-centric web site. I need a database to store large chunks of text (say 1-5 paragraphs) that people will enter and read online. The catch is that I'm just one person with little to no money to spend and I don't really need an 'enterprise' solution. Not that I expect my web site to be popular, but I guess you never know, so scalability might be a plus as well. And I don't want to be hacked either, so I think security is a concern but not a huge one.

I considered sql server express 2005 ... but I'm not sure about the licensing and putting it on the web?

thanks for any input!
I have a remote SQL 2005 Express database on a server and have a remote client connecting to the server with SSH. I have the SSH setup right (I think) and I am able to telnet to port 5000 on, which is being forwarded to port 1344. When I try to do an ODBC connection to the SQL Server it is not working so I don't know what I am doing wrong. When I try to do the ODBC, I am putting in the SQL instance name (SQLS\SQLExpress) and typing in the correct username and password and it is saying "SQL Server not found". On the SQL Server I have TCP/IP and Named Pipes turned on, as well as remote and local connections enabled. What am I doing wrong!
I want what are the different datatypes in Sql server 2000 and what is new in 2005
How can Imy database from database server to antoher server. I amk written a programe into C#.Net 2005.

It was easy to take backup from SQLServer to device from SQL Script.

I am not getting that How can I backup database in http or ftp address.

Please help me if you can...

Thanks Manay Many in Advance
I am trying to use a pass through query to run a stored procedure on a sql 2005 server. I need to be able to pass the arguments that are saved in a table to the stored procedure. This is the syntax i have tried but it doesn't work.

exec dbo.bcsp_getcartonnum [Tables]![Table1]![Field1] ,[Tables]![Table1]![Field2],[Tables]![Ta...

any advice on how I can get this done.


Your help is truly appreciated!
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