Sales Interview Questions and Answers 


Sales Interview Questions and Answers

what is your achievement in your life?

How you sell pepsi than sell pen?

What do you want to become - a manager or a leader?

How will you handle the distributors in a company?

If company is not giving the proper service to dealers then how you solve the problem?

Why do you think sales & marketing are useful?

what is sales consultant?

What are warehouse reserch? and pocess of warehouse research?

How will you create a brand awareness among the prospects about our products and services?

what is share value?

How will you sell a product which is not well knowned or recognized in the market?

why you r changing from insurance sector to sales & marketing?

You choose major as a finance but now u r interested in job of sales and marketing why u want to enter in this area?

what is retailing? what is the difference between old retailing and modern retailing?

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