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how to explain my project details during interview? i am a .net(c) developer ? many time i explain my overall project but they did't accept? pls explain .,


I Recently completed Mca 

Pls How to Buiild Real time Project in ASP,C#

these is useful to My Project Devolopment 

Describe the usefulness Visual Studio 2008 Split View feature?

Can you compare Nested Master Page Support in Visual Studio 2008 as compared to VS 2005?

What is a Nested Master Page and how will you use it ?

What is the enhanced ajax support for in 3.5 as compared to the previous versions of ?

 What is VS 2008 Multi-Targeting

What is XAML

<p>&nbsp;What is the Windows Presentation Foundation</p>

 What is the Windows Presentation Foundation

I am a doing my Masters in Computer science and i have done some projects and UI controls in C# 3.5 and in and the database projects which i have normalized to 3rd normal from, which i would like to sell. Can you please tell me in which website i can sell it. These projects can be used for final projects or semester projects in the academic areas. i have also made the detail reports for these projects. if you are interested in this mail me at Thanks in advance
Can anybody suggest me a cheap windows web host supporting ASP.NET 3.5 , SQL SERVER 2005 or above , arnd 5GB Disk Space, multiple domain hosting and oder necessary features.

Cheapest please
i am reading trough 3.5 and am doing a try it out exersize. it tells me to give a dropdownbox an id of 1stOperator but it wont let me and says 'first operator' is not a valid identifier. can anyone tell me why this is please.
I've been refering to this URL but the steps i was followed seems not working at all.

I would like to use the Calender feature, the coding is some sort like this,
<ajaxToolkit:Calendar runat="server" TargetControlID="Date1"
CssClass="ClassName" Format="MMMM d, yyyy"
PopupButtonID="Image1" />

Do you know where can I find a better explaination on this in the internet? Please give me some advice.

By the way, I'm using VS 2008 & .NET 3.5
I am a mid-level c# programmer and Application Developer.
I want to get a MCTS. I am confused which one to go for along with Application Dev Foundation.My choices are.

A)Exam 70-536 TS: Microsoft .net framework 3.5 Application Development Foundation && Exam 70-562 Microsoft .net framework 3.5 with Application Development

B)Exam 70-536 TS: Microsoft .net framework 3.5 Application Development Foundation && Exam 70-561 Microsoft .net framework 3.5 with Application Development

About me:
I am good in both and I am more interested in but for I think Application Development is more popular and demanding. What do you guys think? I have Good Experience working with both technologies. 3.5 interview questions,c#  3.5 interview questions,asp net ajax interview questions, 3.5 interview questions, dotnet 3.5 interview questions,asp net mvc interview questions,gridview asp net interview questions,wcf asp net interview questions RSS
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